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We’re launching a membership drive for 2020-2021.  Anyone who lives, works, or plays in Rideau Lakes may be  eligible for a card (see details below or ask us).  Sign up or refresh your card with one of these cool new designs:

After you fill out this form your library card will be sent to your preferred branch for curbside pick-up or by mail to your address. 

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Membership is FREE! Children 14 and under require parental consent before being assigned a library card.

  • To get a FREE Library card you need to
    • Be a Permanent or Seasonal Resident
    • Own Property in Rideau Lakes
    • Own a Cottage in Rideau Lakes
    • Work or go to school in the Township
    • Have a membership with libraries in our Reciprocal Borrowing agreement (see list below)
  • If you do not fall into any of these categories we do have a temporary membership with a fee of $20 per person / $25 for family.

*We ask you to show documentation to support this ie. drivers license, tax bill, etc.  

Please bring your physical library card, or image stored in your mobile device, every time you wish to borrow library resources in person.

All patron membership records are confidential.

Reciprocal Borrowing

Your library card also grants you access to other libraries in neighboring communities. We currently have reciprocal borrowing privileges with the following libraries (take your library card with you!):