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We are looking for someone to fill in, working flexible hours and at all of our branches. Please see our complete job description and if you need more information contact Vicki by email or phone 613-359-5334. Application window closes by 5 p.m. Friday November 10 2023. We welcome all applications but not everyone will be contacted for an interview.


  1. I’d love to join your team. My name is Christine Haller and I have been a faithful library user since a child , growing up in New England. Having been born a Maniac, Portland Maine, april 17, 1953. the library provided many escapes from the long and brutal winters that ensued. Like the self sufficient people growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador(I love to watch Hudson and Rex), I marveled at how unflappable and resourceful small towns, with native ancestry, have and still have the we will survive! code {to mimic Gloria Gaynor}
    I decided early in life, much like Grisham, that teaching was a great way to enjoy life and your family at same time. I know we women can’t light the candle on both ends but that doesn’t mean we give up. I attended a state university, Salem State to be exact and yes there was a registered WITCH in town. Claiming she was only a Good Witch, like in Hocus Pocus, or W’s Good Witch on TV I don’t believe her shingle was held out too long. I was lucky enough to do my student teaching in Early Childhood Education at Gable. Settlement House, Yes Hawthorn’s famous House of Seven Gables was just across the street. I taught nursery school, children age 3-4 am only In the pm I taught at a Spina Bifina special needs nursery school .
    Fast forward a few years and I am married to a Canadian and have two lovely children and after two stressful moves find myself in Smiths Falls, ON. home of Hearsey Canada!
    i started teaching for real here and frequented both the Union Library in Perth, my favourite, and the Smiths Falls Library. I was enchanted with the summer program at both libraries since at that time they were independent of each other.
    I think I would make a good addition to your team, although I am a life long learner and still teach maybe 40 days a year . Anne Muldoon knows me well and when asked if she would speak forme, readily acquiesced. Newboro is your newest concern with both librarians retiring so close together. I know Jamie quite well-she helps me with tech- and I take a while to learn especially being a visual/tactile learner. Judy Drummond is also another colleague of mine: Anne knows Judy quite well.
    Thanks for listening. I think I may have heard you talk at Lombardy Hall last April for us: RWTO. Judy Haddad, our chief treasurer and all around historian gave you a history lesson on why we don’t join the men’s union before your great speech on 7 wonders of owning a library card.
    Thanks for listening!
    Christine Haller

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