Freedom to Read

We’ve all been hearing about book challenges and the word freedom in the news lately. At RLPL we try to never take your freedom to read for granted. This week, February 20-26, we celebrate the right to read freely. Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed to everyone in Canada by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Part I, Section 2, of the 1982 Constitution Act. Let us know what intellectual freedom means to you, what “challenged” books do you enjoy, and what are we missing?

Freedom to Read Week, February 20 to 26, challenged books display.

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  1. Excellent initiative to focus on such a fundamental freedom that we probably take too much for granted in Canada. In my home province of Alberta, there is an award presented each year to someone who has provided leadership in promoting freedom of expression. Important to recognize that books that are often the subject of censorship demands may not always be books with appeal to all of us but nonetheless we should value the freedom to express views that may not align with majority opinion. Books that challenge us, that provide alternative world views or cultures are too often suppressed because they cause discomfort to some. Let’s ensure there is no room for book burning or censorship in our country because a book is controversial or fosters a minority opinion. Gary Dickson, Portland

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