Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! For 2022 we want to introduce you to our new online catalogue (there may still be the odd glitch, but it looks amazing) and a new digital magazine collection with Libby (we are saying goodbye to Flipster). Hoopla is also getting some upgrades with Hoopla Binge Pass.

We will be CLOSED for the following days
December 31 and January 1.

UPDATE – All events are subject to change due to Covid restrictions, follow us on social media and check out our website to stay up-to-date on program schedules.  We are open for in person visits at the Delta, Elgin, Newboro & Portland branch as well as a small set up at the Ronald E. Holman Complex. You can browse, use a computer and pick-up your items. Please follow the signage at your branch, wear a mask, sanitize your hands and stay home if you are feeling any symptoms. Thank You 

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