Interlibrary Loan Cut

Dear Patrons

Due to recent Provincial budget cuts to Interlibrary Loan Delivery Service we are no longer able to offer this service.  We are so very sorry to ask you to return your interlibrary loan material ASAP to the branch you ordered it from.  We were informed late last week that we have to return all loans by Friday April 26th or we will have to cover the return shipping costs, a big blow to our budget.

If you need more information about this loss of service or would like to voice your concern please feel free to contact Vicki Stevenson, CEO, at or take some of the steps suggested below.  The Library Board will be coordinating a formal response and further action on these cuts.  Please stay tuned!

In the meatime, if you would like more information this highlights the impact on local, rural libraries: CBC news article

And finally, there is an online petition with (13,000 signatures and counting!) Click here to sign

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